It begins... 

Is there anything that's not made better by an elipsis....

Last night I played an acoustic show at Trinity Common with the ever talented Timmy Bones (drummer in The Goodbye Men) helping fill things out on the mandolin (!!!!), electric guitar, as well as other assorted instruments. I never cease to be blown away by how awesome the members of The Goodbye Men actually are.

In any event, this acoustic show is hopefully the first of many more to come.  I'm going to be hitting the pavement trying to get some smaller acoustic shows around Toronto, and if last night is any indication, these are going to be some awesome shows to play.  I'll do a better job of keeping you updated (seeing as I didn't post anything on the website about the last show.... whoops).

Winter is Coming.... 

Hey all,

So this past year has been a whirlwind.... Following the release of Norman, Take a Knee just over a year ago, I've played numerous shows around Toronto, including shows at a couple at Lee's Palace, a couple at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern, 300 Club, and who could forget the release party at Cameron House.

The Goodbye Men, my backing band, have all been fantastic.  With Tmmy Bones holding down the beats, Paul Penney with her permanent grin on stage while playing bass, Reuven Grajner rocking out on the keys, and Sean "The Prime Minister of Funk" Trudeau tearing it up with amazing solos, the songs that were recorded a year ago have never sounded so great.

This winter, I'm going to be taking a step back from doing the full-band shows.  I want to focus on getting some managerial stuff done, as well as writing new songs with the goal of recording a new album sometime in the next year.  I'll still be around the city, either playing solo acoustic shows, or poking in at open mic nights (keep an eye out for me at Dave's on St. Clair, or The Supermarket in Kensington).

The real point is THANK YOU.  To everyone who has been out at the shows this past year.  Taken time out of one (or many) of your nights to come see me play.  Without you, I'm playing to an empty room, and that's no fun.....  

Thank you everyone and stay tuned for the next chapter in the Rob Allen music saga!


Lee's Palace on Sept 3 

Hey all,

Stuck in the city during the long weekend?  Don't own a cottage.  Come on out to Lee's Palace for a night that will make you forget all about your cottage woes!

But seriously, I'll post here shortly with a few more updates on what's going on in the wonderful world of Rob Allen, as things continue to move behind the scenes.

Stay tuned!

July 13th @ Horsehose 

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick update that we'll be taking the stage with Autumn Kings and Sarah Wickett at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern next Wednesday (July 13th).  Come on out for a great night of music!

Venue changed to 300 College St. 

Hey all,

There's been some craziness with the event booking, but long story short, if you want to see me play on Saturday, please head over to 300 College St. upstairs.  That is the venue we will be playing at.  NOT Silver Dollar.

See you all there!

Apr 16 @ The Silver Dollar 

Hey all,

I'm happy to announce that I'll be playing at the Silver Dollar Room on Apr 16th with Father Christmas, The Plain Steel, and General Sherman.  This is going to be a great show on a Saturday night so come on out and have a great night at a classic Toronto venue.

One a side note, how lucky am I to have been playing some of the great Toronto venues over the past few months.  First the legendary Horseshoe Tavern, then Lee's Palace, and now The Silver Dollar Room.  Thanks to everyone who's been out to support at these shows and I hope to keep seeing you out

Upcoming Shows 

So you might be asking yourself, "Self.  How do I get out to see this Rob Allen character play live?".  That's an excellent question, and I'm glad you asked.  Right now I have no shows scheduled, but am working tirelessly to get some set up, not only in the Toronto area, but in surrounding cities.  That's right, you folks in London, get ready to come out and sing along.

In the meantime, please join the mailing list and I'll keep you all updated on the tour dates.

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Previous events


Rob Allen @ The Mad Bean (solo acoustic)

The Mad Bean

Free coffee shop show. Fully unplugged (no mics even....)


Rob Allen @ Trinity Common (acoustic)

Trinity Common, Toronto

Acoustic show with the multi-talented Timmy Bones (of my backing band The Goodbye Men) helping me out.

Sets at 8:00pm and 9:00pm


Father Christmas & Rob Allen w/ The Plain Steel & General Sherman

300 College St., Toronto

Fluent Toronto pop outfits Father Christmas and Rob Allen host Hamilton colleagues General Sherman and The Plain Steel on the launch show of their eastern Canadian tour.

$7 at the door

Lee's Palace

Friday Feb 5th @ Lee's Palace Rob Allen; Autumn Portrait; Elvyn; Maladies of Adam Stokes

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