Being new to the Toronto music scene, Rob Allen brings a slightly different perspective having spent several years in a corporate 9-5 job.  His debut 8-song album Norman, Take a Knee  focuses largely on taking time to pursue individual goals and not getting bogged down in the classic societal definition of success (as is exemplified by the track "Routine City").  His approach to music is to focus on the fact that it should be a fun, inexpensive, and accessible way to bring people together. 

Staying consistent in his focus to create affordable and engaging entertainment, he created a series of shows called The Jukebox Show  wherein which he solicits song suggestions leading up to the show and then plays an entire set of selections from this list (allowing you to turn him into a jukebox for the evening).  He has also played other key shows around Toronto at classic venues such as Lee’s Palace and the legendary Horseshoe Tavern. 

When playing shows, his backing band, The Goodbye Men, consists of Tim Bones on drums, Matt Morgan on guitar, Paul Penney on bass, and Reuven Grajner on keys.